What are the benefits of timber windows?

With numerous choices now readily available, you may wonder about whether timber windows are still a sensible option for your residence. Nonetheless, there’s a reason that this traditional building product has actually stood the test of time.
Whilst their visual qualities remain an essential destination for many property owners, timber windows have developed significantly in the last couple of years which imply they are now also a lot more resilient and long-lasting than ever, measuring up to the advantages of other contemporary products.

We have actually compiled a listing of the crucial reasons to choose timber windows over other options:
Simply put, any type of design of window can be made from wood, from traditional gliding sashes for a period home to marginal, contemporary designs. The workability of wood suggests we can provide entirely bespoke styles at tailor-made sizes, which you can develop and buy through our on-line style tool.

Wooden window structures have actually been utilized for years, much outliving any other material utilized for window frames. Whilst the upfront expense might be greater than for UPVC home windows, wooden windows can last for as long as 60 years when maintained– around twice the size of the life expectancy of a UPVC home window– making them a long-term financial investment as well as better value in the long run. They can additionally be repaired if required, once more prolonging their life, whereas UPVC or metal would certainly require to be changed.

We offer softwood and hardwood windows, all of which come with a 5 year warranty. Whilst both options will give very long lasting home windows, hardwood is denser and much more durable causing an also longer lifespan.

Strength and safety
Engineered timber– softwood or hardwood– offers exceptional toughness and also security to strong wood, and certainly UPVC. This implies it can be utilized to make a wide range of styles and designs and sightlines can be thinner, as the home windows are much less likely to move or twist sitting. Engineered wood exceeds its competitors for performance, longevity and protection in the window market.

On the subject of safety and security, it’s a common misconception that wooden home windows are less protected than UPVC double glazing. Nevertheless, all of our home windows are dual polished and fitted with multi-point locking systems as criterion.

Ending up
Timber windows have an all-natural appeal that can’t be replicated by their modern counterparts. Specifically with period residential properties, there is no other means of preserving the authenticity and also personality of a structure.

Timber windows use a number of options in regards to completing. They can be stained to maintain the timber’s all-natural tones, or painted to fit your individual preference– which, obviously, additionally provides the alternative of repainting them a different colour in the future should you wish.

At Timber Windows & Doors Dorset – Kings Stag Joinery, they supply bare, treated or primed self-finish home windows in just 7-10 days. Or, if you would certainly choose to have actually the completed item arrive on website ready for setup, they can spray complete your windows in a series of colours.

All-natural, renewable and biodegradable, when sourced from lawful and also lasting sources– something we are committed to as a business– wood is the champ of environmentally-friendly products. It has a much reduced carbon impact than other products: when trees are harvested, a lot of the carbon saved in them is transferred to the wood products they produce; planting new trees soaks up extra CO ² as a result of the much more energetic development of young trees; and timber has dramatically less environmental influence during production than aluminium and also UPVC.

The capacity to keep as well as fix timber windows, along with their longer life expectancy, suggests less demand to be made to begin with. Timber is likewise a much better insulator than plastic or steel, therefore is an excellent choice for minimizing your carbon impact around the home.

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